Gamesbonusstar Animology Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo 250ml:Gamesbonusstar
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Animology Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo 250ml:Gamesbonusstar

Animology Published in October 24, 2018, 12:39 am
 Animology Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo 250ml:Gamesbonusstar

Animology Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo 250ml:Gamesbonusstar

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Hisboss Reply to on 6 June 2018
Bought this shampoo after reading reviews. We discovered our new abode was flea central - dog driven to distraction - and then we were being summed up as tasty treats too - yuck. House being hit with flea bombs, insecticide spray and traps. Poor dog is regularly treated against fleas and ticks - I have never encountered anything like it.

The first time we used the shampoo we stood the dog in the bath and already the fleas started jumping. We applied the shampoo mixture, massaged the quivering canine for the allotted time and watched as about 20 of the blighters fall out of her. Last night was shampoo number four over a ten day period and she seems to be free - fingers crossed. The shampoo itself is very pleasant smelling, doesn't lather too badly and leaves the coat really shiny and soft. Great product - highly recommended!
Janine Weir
Janine Weir Reply to on 5 August 2018
We have a cocker who had been treated with frontline, but ended up infested with fleas bless her. I had hoovered and treated the house after finding a few on her. But these fleas must’ve been super fleas as they came back with a vengeance and nothing seemed to be killing them!! Well until we used this shampoo. I think this has got to be one of the best flea killers on a dog I’ve ever used. Whilst washing her they were dying straight away and we had a bath full of dead fleas. I also used the flea comb on her to make sure we got them all and their eggs. Rinsed her and reapplied another lot to make sure, and there was a couple of them that had escaped up to her head, but they soon died too.
Our little pooch seems so much happier now that she’s flea free. Let’s hope this is the last time she’ll get them now, cause I’ve also purchased the Indorex spray to treat the house too after the great reviews it had. I will update if they come back, but for now I highly recommend this shampoo if your dog if she’s flea infested. Thanks for making a great product.
Inara L
Inara L Reply to on 15 March 2018
Used this shampoo on a long night haired Chuihauhua and a Dogue De Bordeaux- the Chuihauhua stopped scratching immediately and the DDB has a definite sheen & softness to his coat. I use topical flea products but this shampoo is an effective booster as my dogs spend their days on a stable yard & in long grass they pick up nasties - The shampoo is effective without stripping the coat of natural oils - I use neat neem oil afterwards as an extra protection- the smell is a bit like burnt onions but in combination with this shampoo & topical flea protection it really works.
S Reply to on 8 November 2015
This shampoo works! my dog had a few fleas on him and i used this shampoo once and they have gone and he hasn't had anymore on him (I've been checking) i would recommend this product if you are having a problem with fleas, however when i checked the back of the bottle there is no ingredient list which is the only down side.
Luzdoh Reply to on 17 January 2018
This is my favourite shampoo for the dogs - five very small mixed breed rescued dogs. It seems worth paying a pound more for a good quality and it does give the flea and tick cover although I treat them for this separately too. Also you don't need to use much to get a good cover. It makes a nice lather without being too bubbly and rinses out well. Their coats are lovely and silky after shampooing with this.
Mrs E
Mrs E Reply to on 8 August 2016
Oh my god this is amazing. Wet and soaped dog and as I rinsed the fleas just popped out of her coat and down the drain. Smells good too! Will make certain to have this ready for next time she goes to kennels!
Samantha Shelton
Samantha Shelton Reply to on 17 September 2017
Cannot recommend this highly enough!!
Welcomed a new puppy into our family that I discovered was infested with fleas, this shampoo is incredibly good, after the first bath the amount of fleas that came off was disgusting, highly recommend this.
Cazzling Reply to on 15 July 2018
Wow - this has got to be the best shampoo I've ever used. We watched the fleas ping off and down the drain - I don't know what's in this stuff but, the fleas hate it. Both dogs coats are shiny and clean - our Springer Spaniel is the whitest I've ever seen her (...the whiteness lasted for around 5 minutes as she immediately went and dug the garden up).
jim Reply to on 12 June 2018
Good so far!

The dog has a tablet so this is in conjunction with the flea and tick tablet and a bit of a back up for the tablet.

I wouldn't say the shampoo alone would stop your dog getting fleas or ticks because of how parasites work. You need that tablet or spot on to stand a chance.
Harish Reply to on 7 September 2015
Smells great im thinking of using it on my self, does not irritate the puppies Eyes and washes out very easily do recommend this is purchased with the spray on Animology Conditioner or Stink bomb as it conditions the coat very well and maintains the nice smell.
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