Gamesbonusstar Suma Organic Sundried Tomatoes 1 kg:Gamesbonusstar
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Suma Organic Sundried Tomatoes 1 kg:Gamesbonusstar

Suma Published in October 24, 2018, 1:50 am
 Suma Organic Sundried Tomatoes 1 kg:Gamesbonusstar

Suma Organic Sundried Tomatoes 1 kg:Gamesbonusstar

Price:£12.93+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

Steph D
Steph D Reply to on 21 May 2013
I have soaked some in olive oil, some finely chopped and put in jars for convince. Others I have soaked before adding to soups, stir fries and savoury dishes. Blitzed in food processor (Victoria Boutenko style) with spring onion, dates, fresh herbs, fresh tomatoes, half clove of garlic, olive oil, water for a more liquid consistency, seasonings to taste. This makes a raw tomato sauce with the added intense sun dried tomatoes taste to pour over spiralized courgettes, butternut squash flecked with deseeded chillies. If transitioning from vegetarian to vegan or from vegan to vegan raw its not half bad.
parisriv Reply to on 15 August 2014
Excellent value for money but a bit on the salty side. Easy to solve though. All you need to do is soak in hot water about an hour before you need to use.
If you are into snacking on dried SD-tomatoes and you hate salt then you may have a slight problem with this.
Kevin Reply to on 20 July 2016
These are sooo good.
Better than any of the 'in oil' ones I have found.
This batch is not so salty. From taste I would say maximum 2.5% ...Rehydrate in warm water to cover them for a couple of hours, drain them and repeat. This draws the salt out and then they are great.

Very good flavour indeed.
Mrs. Barbara Budge
Mrs. Barbara Budge Reply to on 30 June 2012
This is the second time I've bought these tomatoes and I haven't been disappointed. They are superb, chunky, tasty, and of very good quality. I always bought from a high street retailer but they have stopped doing bags of sun-dried tomatoes so I tried Amazon instead. Even if this retailer began selling these tomatoes again, I wouldn't change from this online supplier. Apart from that, the quantity from this seller is a better size and the price overall is better. They will always have my sale from now on. Well done!
Walking Disaster
Walking Disaster Reply to on 12 November 2015
Arrived quickly. Have used in several recipes. I put them in bowl of hot water with a little vinegar before using for at least 15 minutes, I noticed a few said they found them too salty, I found them completely okay but I have not tried them without soaking, as I believed I needed to soak them to begin with, I prefer using these to the very oily jars of sundried tomatoes you buy in most stores.
Jell Reply to on 16 April 2018
Suma sundried tomatoes 1kg. Very nice. Reconstitute either with oil or water. Keep them in the fridge once re-hydrated. Lovely flavour
Mikaela Nguyen
Mikaela Nguyen Reply to on 17 July 2017
this is my 2nd purchase. Great quality and value for money. Last my family a couple of months. I boiled them first to get rid of all the salt and then put them in a jar with olive oil and chili.
Frank J. Ivins
Frank J. Ivins Reply to on 8 March 2014
These have a great flavour at a good price. They are a bit saltier than others and really need soaking to remove. I sometimes like to eat sun dried tomatoes straight out of the bag like raisins, but these are too salty for that.
Elizabeth Cresswell
Elizabeth Cresswell Reply to on 26 April 2017
Yummy, squiggy tomatoes. These taste great chopped up in salads, used whole in soups, curries & caseroles. They transform a dull meal into delicious zingy fare. A must for any plant based diet.
LoveLabradors Reply to on 18 December 2013
Good quality and sealed tightly in a hygienic food bag. They are quite a mild, subtle flavour compared to other sundried tomatoes but in some respects that was nicer for a lot of the dishes I was making but it does mean you will get through them a little quicker if you prefer a stronger flavour. They arrived in good time, too. I would purchase again from them.
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