Gamesbonusstar The Astronomical Almanac (2018-2022) A Comprehensive Guide to Night Sky Events:Gamesbonusstar
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The Astronomical Almanac (2018-2022) A Comprehensive Guide to Night Sky Events:Gamesbonusstar

Richard J. Bartlett
Richard J. Bartlett Published in October 24, 2018, 1:17 am
 The Astronomical Almanac (2018-2022) A Comprehensive Guide to Night Sky Events:Gamesbonusstar

The Astronomical Almanac (2018-2022) A Comprehensive Guide to Night Sky Events:Gamesbonusstar


Mark Hargreaves
Mark Hargreaves Reply to on 10 June 2018
Great reference book full of data to help plan a night's viewing or even the week ahead. Good value in that it runs into 2022. Simpler to use than it first appears when you open it up. Once you get the knack it's straightforward and feels like a bit of an achievement that you worked it out rather than being spoonfed by a computer. Yes you can get the same information from a smartphone that fits in your pocket but a book doesn't need charging or distract you from the task in hand!
Would be nice to have a compass reference in the planet tables rather than just elongation from the sun and which constellation or other object it appears close to, eg SW. That said, the amount of work which must have gone into compiling all the charts & tables is quite astounding. The author deserves a medal and I hope the book sells well as reward for all his effort.
Highly recommended fun to use reference book which will be of use for years to come.
roger Reply to on 30 July 2018
This is a lovely book, that allows you to see Astronomical events up to five years ahead
Charles R.
Charles R. Reply to on 17 December 2017
Wow! A weighty volume arriving very quickly after ordering! Most comprehensive indeed, well done RJB!
C H Reply to on 12 January 2018
This was a gift for my uncle who has enjoyed astronomy for many years. He is in love with his book
bikerdude Reply to on 18 November 2017
Fantastic! A wealth of valuable information, essential for planning a good night's stargazing or astrophotography.
JM RICHARDS Reply to on 19 November 2017
My first Almanac, full of useful information and a great book.
Mr. A. D. Steele-leith
Mr. A. D. Steele-leith Reply to on 4 August 2017
My copy of this book has arrived today an to be honest, i am impressed! What is the difference between a compendium like this and a planetarium software? Afterall can't something like Stellarium or Starry Night provide all this information? Well i beg to differ. In fact looking through it, there is information you might not think of when looking at a planetarium software. RA / DEC what is that? Elongation, what is that? Terms Richard uses in his book but also explains them. Understanding these terms and how they apply is the difference between classical astronomy and digitised Astronomy. Where in the latter its all done for us. This i think reminds us of what Amateur Astronomy really is all about. Its written for 5 years, and easy if you have a project in mind to pick up and plan. Of course i am biased, i know Richard personally. BUT i feel this book should be on every amateur astronomers desktop. Compare to the Norton Star Altas? maybe not quite, but its not far off!
Philip Hart
Philip Hart Reply to on 10 January 2018
Not enough information to make it useful
Pete W
Pete W Reply to on 4 August 2017
Known Richards work for many years, he continues to provide top quality material that I use personally and we also use at our local club so we can plan our observing for the coming weeks. Written by an observer for observers the material is always thoughtfully laid out excellent supporting information. Not just a great observing aid but a training resource also...well done Richard..keep up the great work.
HK Reply to on 4 August 2017
Very useful. I like watching the Moon and the planets so I'm particularly pleased with the planet visibility ratings and planetary highlights for each year. I can put the dates in my diary and know what to look for for the next 5 years!
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