Gamesbonusstar outlife Hiking Backpack, 60L Large Rucksack for Men Women, Tear and Water-resistant Ideal for Camping Trekking Travel Outdoor (Black):Gamesbonusstar
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outlife Hiking Backpack, 60L Large Rucksack for Men Women, Tear and Water-resistant Ideal for Camping Trekking Travel Outdoor (Black):Gamesbonusstar

outlife Published in October 24, 2018, 1:20 am
 outlife Hiking Backpack, 60L Large Rucksack for Men Women, Tear and Water-resistant Ideal for Camping Trekking Travel Outdoor (Black):Gamesbonusstar

outlife Hiking Backpack, 60L Large Rucksack for Men Women, Tear and Water-resistant Ideal for Camping Trekking Travel Outdoor (Black):Gamesbonusstar

Price:£37.99+ Free shipping with Masterpola Prime

Lau Chieh Hsiung
Lau Chieh Hsiung Reply to on 31 December 2017
Really good size for items of two person. It was fantastic design with lots of pockets and attachments which are great if you need to pack smaller items separately.

This backpack is made by light and durable material. Hemce comfy to carry. Used it recently in the cold, rain and light snow weather and those clothes and stuffs pack inside remained dry.

Happy so far and it seems to be good enough for short trip which need to pack and unpack a lot.
Filip Tiszbierek
Filip Tiszbierek Reply to on 21 April 2018
​I'm going for long backpacking trip this summer and entire project is organised on very tight budget. Obviously good backpack was amongst first items I was looking for, at the planning stage. I needed something in medium-large size, comfy, looks reasonable and most important is affordable. After a lot of research I came across this backpack and I can say with all confidence it has everything I needed. It's just big enough for what I need. I tried it couple of times on a hike and it was comfortable enough, no problems experienced at all. Well, we will see if it survives two months travel around the Europe but I'm positive at the moment. Well spent money. P.S. I'm not planning to take sleeping bag with me...if you do I think this might be to small.
Amazonian Reply to on 11 September 2018
After I purchased the 75L ruck sack my friend asked me to buy one too. The requirement was a smaller version so I went for the 60L rucksack

Package Content:
1x 60L rucksack

The rucksack is 60L capacity and comes with standard pockets - 2 on the sides, 1 on the top and 1 in the front. There is a small section in the inside too.

The back has a nice breathable padding. The shoulder straps are nice long and extendable. There are 2 more pockets I shouldn't forget to mention on the belt near the waist area. The bottom pocket at the back is very happy to gain access to something that you can't access from the top all the way to the bottom so definitely a plus point. The material is well made same as the one I bought for myself before.
The rucksack also has a provision to hang walking poles on the front which is very handy. Value for money if you need a smaller capacity rucksack

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Andrew Reply to on 7 June 2018
Was traveling to Kiev for the European cup final, through a few different countries and needed somthibg that would do me for the trip. This bag seemed a good fit.

It arrived next day, and I’m very impressed. I could fit more than twice of what I could fit into my airline travel case, and that’s without using any of the extra compartments (there is a lot).

It’s comfy to carry and despite me lugging around a huge amount of weight, it was never uncomfortable.

I’m yet to try some of the more advanced parts of it, but I will be hiking this summer and this bag will definitely be used for that!
Cicci Reply to on 14 January 2018
So far so good. Bag is big with 7 pockets plus a bottom one where you can have extra shoes/slippers or what ever you want. It is quite lightweight and after first test feels comfortable. Padded back and wide belt around waist.
DKI Reply to on 8 September 2018
I just came from holidays was carrying this back pack, it’s been great, light weight, very large space available and comfortable to carry for long time (thanks to cushion provided at the back). I used to carry cloths, camera, extra pair of shoes (a separate compartment provided for shoes).

It has got two bottle holder net on both sides.There is a separate pocket to keep small things that will come up at the waist after wearing the bag.It has got on main and really big compartment enough for keeping stuff, cloths for 3-4 days of trip .There are few other pockets/compartment can be used to keep things like power bank,deodorant etc..

The outer material is good, I used in moderate rain, all my stuffs were dry. All the zips are made of great quality and works well without any issue.. It’s a value for money and a good product.
svetla Reply to on 30 August 2018
The bag arrived very well packed for a short time. It is made of very good quality material that does not pass water. It is comfortable to wear, does not load the back and holds lots of luggage. The ergonomic curve I think makes her comfortable. I had the chance to try it out on a weekend in the mountains, and I was very worried if it would fit well on my back. It turned out I had no reason to worry. In terms of size, I think it would also be suitable for use at low-cost airlines. I recommend it to all mountain planners
LIFE Reply to on 31 March 2018
Great purchase. Arrived quickly. Aa a novice this rucksack was a very successful choice for my daughter's DofE hike/expedition. Straps where structured well and help to distribute the weight of her items and bag well.
Angpal30 Reply to on 2 September 2018
Was after a big back pack i could manage for campling, this one ticks all the boxes.
Has lots of compartments all with zips, even a compartment for wet/dirty boots/clothes
Very easy to keep clean love it
Nataly Hoyos
Nataly Hoyos Reply to on 5 April 2018
arrived super quick and exactly as described, one of the straps broke straight away but for the price very good value
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